Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wrapping Up Summer

Wow, you guys.  This summer has been cuh-razy!  Aside from the normal stuff like a pair of 3 year olds who beg daily to go to the park or the zoo, I also took on the role of Coordinator for the MOPS group at my church.  With all the planning for that, plus entertaining the kiddos, there was not a lot of sewing going on around here!  Our first MOPS meeting of the year was last Friday, so I can relax a bit now.  I have a huge stack of fabric waiting to be turned into fall clothes for the girls and there is the big girl quilts project to finish too!  We took the plunge over Labor Day weekend and put the girls into twin beds, so now I really need to get the quilts done.  Right now they have the plain white duvet inserts on their beds, but in the rare event they actually even use a blanket (is that just my kids or does every toddler completely reject all coverings?) they are still using their crib quilts.  Yay, more reason to procrastinate :)  

I guess I honestly don't make a lot of summer clothes for the girls except for dresses because seriously...shorts and t-shirts are so cheap and I'm slightly obsessed with Carter's so the girls always end up with about 12 pairs of shorts each before I ever sew a stitch.  One thing I did want to make for them was one of these adorable sunsuits!  I have made so many for other people and I know the girls are getting past the age where they can get away with wearing something like this, so I needed to get it done this year!

This is once again the ridiculously cute ruffled sunsuit by Little Lizard King.  I was super surprised when I found this awesome chevron print fabric at JoAnn's!  The quality is's a little thin, but it works pretty well with the bubbly, ruffly quality of the sunsuit pattern.  I am in love with hot pink and orange and the girls definitely love it too!  

All the fabrics are from the quilting cotton wall at JoAnn's and I love how they came together!  It's so bright and summery!  I went the lazy route with the ruffles this time and just serged the bottom edges instead of hemming all of them.  It saved me a ton of time and I still think it looks good!

I took these photos at the entrance to our zoo!  It was a great outfit for a hot, hot day at the zoo!  I'm pretty sure the girls are picking the flowers...whoops.  It's hard to take photos and discipline children at the same time, so my apologies to the zoo groundskeepers :)  

I just can't get over the cuteness of the huge bow in back.  Even though it makes them look even more frighteningly identical, I had to do pigtails so the big bow could be showcased and not covered up by their hair!  Besides, who doesn't adore a toddler girl in pigtails?  

We've had so many fun trips to the zoo this summer!  I'm so glad it stays open until October so we can enjoy it for a little longer!  Hopefully the pace of fall will be much slower and I'll be back on the sewing and blogging train!  I am excited for cooler temperatures and some cute fall looks.  Time to get some things cut so I can share with all of you!  I'd love to hear about your summer!  What fun things did you do with your family?  Did you sew a lot or does summer sewing take a back seat to summer fun like it did at our house?