Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Junebug in July

It's still July, although barely!  This summer is racing by as summer always does.  We're packing our days with fun and enjoying the weather that has taken a turn for the better in the midwest.  We've been blessed with some beautiful days in the 70s and it's been fabulous!

Sewing has continued, although not much of it has been for the girls.  I've done a few projects for friends of mine and I've been gathering up supplies and patterns for the girls' fall wardrobe.  Sunday, the girls finally got to wear this Junebug dress that I made nearly two years ago!  This was made with Jess' original tutorial, but she has made it into a fully graded pattern now!  Woot woot!  

I think the sizing of the original tute is a bit generous, because my girls are very tall for their age and wear a lot of 4T dresses.  The tute says it's a 2T/3T but it fits them quite well.  

Yet another vintage sheet project, of course!  These gorgeous border print sheets blow me away.  I love the whiteness of the dress with the beautiful print at the summery and delicate.

I really debated on the button selection and had to make myself not use the safer pink or blue choices.  I'm so glad I went with the bright yellow.  Those buttons really pop and make the dress a little more fun.

Hopefully everyone is having a great summer!  I have the semi-annual resale for our local multiples club this weekend and I'm ready to unload all the girls' outgrown stuff so I can make room for the new!  For now, it's time to run out for some more play!

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