Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thank Your Teachers!

As the school year is wrapping up, I'm seeing a ton of really cute teacher thank you gift ideas popping up!  My girls aren't quite school aged yet (thankfully!), but we do have some wonderful teachers in our lives.  While I attend MOPS, the girls are in MOPPETS.  While this is essentially childcare during the MOPS meetings, they do have a curriculum and wonderful teachers and helpers who are all volunteers.  To thank these lovely ladies who care for my crazy girls, I made some simple gifts for them.

First I made a big patch of peanut butter cookies because seriously...peanut butter cookies.  Then I grabbed some cardstock, stamping supplies and washi tape and got decorating!  I cut the cardstock to the same width as the top of my zippered baggies and about 6" tall.  Then I folded it in half and cut the bottom edges with some scalloped scissors.  I put a strip of washi tape across the top edge and stamped some flowers along the left side.  I added a thank you message and signed our names!

Once the cookies were in the bags, I sealed them up, slipped the cardstock over the top and stapled it on.  It was super easy, very cute and all the teachers were thrilled!  It was also very budget friendly!  

We're heading into a holiday weekend here in the US.  For this long Memorial Day weekend we have plans to spend time with family and so I'm signing off for a few days here.  I wish everyone a safe and happy time this weekend wherever you may be!

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