Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project Sewn Black & White Challenge: Chevron Border Circle Skirt and Dolman Sleeve Top

I am super excited about Project Sewn!  I think we mamas get so wrapped up in sewing for our kids that we forget that we can make beautiful clothing for ourselves as well!  This will be such a great motivator.  The theme for week one is black & white and here is my outfit!

I am really happy with how this look turned out!  It will definitely be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I started with the idea for a white circle skirt trimmed in black bias tape.  My original plan was to make a play on the "circle" skirt by appliqueing little black circles in a floating bubbles type pattern.  Once I cut the circles and started laying them out on the skirt, it just wasn't coming together the way I envisioned it.  After about 15 minutes of arranging and rearranging circles, my hubby walked into the room to this giant skirt laid out on the floor.  I explained my dilemma and he said "why don't you do a bunch of crazy zig zags across the bottom?"  Umm, genius.  I immediately switched gears and this chevron border was born!

I didn't make it quite as crazy as my husband's original suggestion, but I think it worked out perfectly!  The skirt is fitted with an invisible zipper and the waistband is top-stitched in black.  I'm a firm believer in going all out if you have a theme!  I also made a super quick slip by hacking up a white sheet because the skirt fabric was a bit see-through.

For the top, I basically laid a dolman sleeve top I already own on top of my black fabric and started cutting. I pulled the "pattern shirt" away from the fold as I cut to create the neckline drape and then just stitched the whole thing together.  I didn't want any bulky hems so I set my serger to a rolled hem and ran the whole thing through, being careful not to stretch or pull the fabric so I didn't get a lettuce hem!  I am really pleased with how it turned out!

I had my hubby take a few "serious" pictures...and then I started twirling like a 5 year old.

Yeah, it doesn't lose it's charm, even when you're 33.  I hope you enjoy my take on black & white and don't forget to vote starting on Friday!


  1. That skirt has great twirl! And no that never does get old does it :)

  2. What a nice summer outfit. I love draping at the front of the shirt. The bias on the bottom does a great job anchoring of the outfit.
    With Love,
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  3. I really, really like your outfit. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous and it was very cleaver how you made your top. =D

  4. This is my favourite, I voted for you <3

  5. It is very cute, I love chevrons!

  6. We are featuring you tomorrow over at Thanks for linking up. Feel free to stop by and grab a button.
    with love,


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