Thursday, May 16, 2013

J'Adore Dior (or My Stanley Hudson Sundress)

First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who voted for my black & white outfit!  I came in 2nd and I'm super happy!  Now it's week 2 at Project Sewn and I am so excited about my new sundress!

I'm pretty certain Dior never would have used a vintage sheet to make a dress, but I'm still calling it my J'Adore Dior dress because it was definitely inspired by the gorgeous 50s Dior sundresses.  It's subtitled the Stanley Hudson Sundress, which is a reference to the most recent season of Project Runway.  Stanley's work was impeccable and while I didn't love his final collection, the classic pieces he made during the season pretty much always blew me away.  We definitely have a similar aesthetic!  Anyway, the dress!!

I've probably started a million blog post this same line, but I started with a vintage sheet as my fabric inspiration for this dress.  It's the softest, lightest sheet and the print is just divine.  

As a massive added bonus, the sheet has this amazing border print with an embroidered scalloped edge.  It's so lovely and summery!

I knew I wanted to do a dress with a higher neckline, but the only pattern I have with the darts I wanted is New Look pattern 6874 - .  I started with the tank top pattern pieces and ended up using them only for the bust darts.  I just couldn't even try to draft those myself with all my other sewing going on this week!  After I got the bust darts done, I pretty much abandoned the pattern and self-drafted the neckline and shoulders.

I fully lined the bodice and put an invisible zipper up the side.  For the skirt, I cut the whole width of the sheet to length and then cut it in half.  I pleated each piece until they were the same width as my bodice plus seam allowance, sewed the panels together and then attached the skirt to the bodice.  I love the pleats instead of gathers.  It's a small detail, but I think it looks fresh and young.

Oh yes, and I added pockets!  Cute sundress or not, it's still momville around here and you just never know what the 3 year olds are going to hand you.  Pockets are a must.

I whipped up a quick sash to pull it all together and I had one awesome new sundress!

I don't think I can really overstate how much I love this dress!  It is incredibly light and airy.  It might be the most comfortable dress I own!  I actually wore it while I was sewing up the sash.  Okay, I had put it on to do the final fitting, decided it needed a sash and just didn't bother to take it off, but seriously...if dresses in the 50s were this comfy, I can see how the wives and mothers of the day didn't mind wearing them around!  I love my dress!

And I love the pockets :)

If you love my dress too, I'd be honored if you'd VOTE for me starting Friday morning!  


  1.'s just beautiful!! Love it and especially that you used a vintage's just wonderful!!!

  2. This is a great dress. I can't believe how lucky you were to find something with a border print. I will have to be on the look out.

  3. Very sweet dress. I am always surprised by the amount of bloggers who make dresses out of vintage sheets! I would be a little off-putted myself... Is it a used sheet? (This is just my curiosity, no offence intended at all!)


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