Friday, May 10, 2013

Chevron Border Circle Skirt Mini How-To

Hey guys!  Voting opens TODAY over at Project Sewn for the sew-along group!  If you liked my outfit, I'd love it if you'd hop on over and vote for me!  I'm #10 - Chevron Border Circle Skirt & Dolman Top.  Thanks!

I thought I'd share a quick how-to on the skirt.  The techniques are nothing new, but I always like to see the process behind other people's creations!  I started with a basic circle skirt.  There are a million tutorials out there.  Dana's is pretty popular and really easy to follow.  Since I was making it fitted, I only added 1" to my waist measurement when cutting the skirt.  Once I had my skirt cut, I just sliced it straight up one side to make a seam for the invisible zipper.

Next I cut a waistband.  Basically I took a long strip of fabric that was about 6" wide and cut it to my waist measurement plus one inch.  Somewhere in there my math must have gone a bit awry because the waistband ended up a bit shorter than the skirt waist.  I just kind of hand pleated the skirt every few inches so it all fit.  Don't tell :)  Okay, so next I folded the waistband in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and pressed it.  Then I lined up the raw edges with the top (waist) edge of the skirt and sewed it on.  I finished the seam and then top-stitched it in contrasting black thread.  I also installed my invisible zipper using this super clear tutorial.  If you've been afraid of invisible zippers, fear not!  This makes soooo much sense!

Here's a closer look at the zipper and the waistband.

To make the chevron pattern, I simply cut a bunch of 2" x 6" rectangles from black fabric.  I think it took about 30 to make this skirt.  I started laying them all out zig zag fashion, keeping the bottom point a consistent 3" from the bottom edge of the skirt.  I wish I had some magic mathematical formula for this step, but to be honest, I just kind of guessed at the placement and it ended up working out.  If you look really closely, you will see that each "zig" and "zag" isn't perfect.  Some are a bit wider or steeper than others, but once the skirt is on, you really can't tell!  Perfection is overrated anyway, right???

Once I had them all in place, I carefully pinned and then stitched around the top and bottom edges of the chevrons.  Then came the crazy tedious part...I actually applique stitched (set my machine to a buttonhole stitch) and went all the way around the top and bottom of each one plus over the little seams where the rectangles overlapped.  Um yeah, that took awhile, but it was so worth it.  Now it looks really finished and won't fray on me.  I pinned and sewed my bias tape to the hem and  it was done!

So that's my black & white look!  I hope you enjoy looking at everyone's work!  Wow, there are some awesome creations in the linky party!  And don't forget to vote!  Have a great weekend!

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