Monday, May 6, 2013

All Things Bright and Beautiful

We're starting the week off bright around here!  This ridiculously cute fabric was a Christmas gift from my best friends and I'm so glad to have it made into something fun and cute for summer!  

So this is about the 10th version of Little Lizard King's Brooke Peasant Dress you've seen from me, but I just love them!  They are so easy to customize and even easier to make.  It's pretty much been decided that we will never buy dresses for the girls again because I end up making so many and they are always a million times cuter than anything from a store.  I stuck with the simplest version of the sleeves this time, but opted to ruffle up the bottom band before attaching it because, if you haven't noticed, I really love ruffles.

Obviously the girls do too.

We whipped up some really cute pinwheels for our photo shoot (tutorial from my friend Tahlia's adorable new blog) and I'm not sure the girls knew what to think of them.  After awhile they warmed up to them and were having crazy fun shaking them all over the place.

After awhile this one said she was done with it and gave it to me and then immediately decided she wanted it back.  3 year olds.

My cuties!  We're so happy it's getting warm!

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