Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Top Sew-Along 2013 - My New Top!

In the flurry of getting spring/summer dresses and clothes made for the girls, I decided to take a short break and sew something for me!  Really there's no better excuse than the super fun Spring Top Sew-Along hosted by Made By Rae!

Earlier this year I made New Look 6892 for my sister-in-law for a family photo shoot.  I used view B for her and it turned out so cute.  I liked the pattern so much, I decided to use it for myself!  

For my top, I used view C.  I omitted the elastic casing in the sleeves because I really liked the fluttery look!  

The elastic neckline is great for an adjustable fit.  I actually found the recommended elastic length to be perfect, but I've seen a few reviews that said they preferred to cut a shorter piece so it cinched in a little more.  I think it would be so cute with a big chunky necklace in a soft coral or peach color!

I'm trying to decide if I prefer it with or without the belt.  Thoughts?  I think it's cute either way!


Either way, I definitely like this top and this pattern!

The Pattern: New Look 6892 (I used view C)
The Fabric: A lightweight rayon blend...sorry, there was no selvage info on it so I can't help there!
The Good: A super quick and easy top to sew.  The pattern pieces are pretty straightforward and if you have sewn up peasant dresses/tops for little girls, you really don't even need to read the directions for this one.  The elastic casing at the neck is easy to lengthen or shorten to fit to your taste.
The Bad:  I personally felt like the pattern was a bit short (although I do have a long torso).  I added about 3" to the front and back pattern pieces to ensure it would be long enough for me.  Commercial patterns can be tough with sizing because the measurements are often so different from "real world" measurements.  I pretty much guessed for myself and it just happened to fit perfectly.  
Overall: If you need a top very quickly that will flatter most body types, this is a great staple pattern to have on hand.  It's a good versatile top that you can easily dress up or down and can be made from many types of fabric.
I would definitely make this pattern again!  There is a cute version with a ruffled neckline that might be in my future!

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