Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So the 80s Called...

These capris...they are wild.  I'm pretty sure people are either going to love them or they're going to tell me that 1987 called and it wants its artsy, primary floral print back.  

I'm seeing all kinds of crazy printed pants out there right now, though, so maybe I'm just super trendy?  Probably not, but I really do love these capris and so do my bright, happy girls!

I suppose if you're going to go bold you can't quit halfway, so I also made this extremely red top to match!  Both patterns are from Whimsy Couture.  I've been on a kick with their stuff lately, I guess!  The top is the Terrific Tee and I just added a couple of simple fabric rosettes to make it look a bit less boyish.  

The leggings pattern comes with combinations of sizes, so this is a 3T/4T.  It actually works out pretty well for my tall, skinny girls.  I leave the length as is and just shave off some width.  I probably took off more than 1" from each leg for this pair, so they fit nice and snug.  Perfect for running around and playing with your sister!  Today's choice: Ring Around the Rosy :)

I was in the mood for spring sewing long before spring hit, so I can't wait to get the girls outside in this outfit. Apparently it's comfy because a lot of this was happening while I was trying to get pictures!

Warm weather, we anxiously await you!

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