Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Yes, and We Turned 3

It seems nearly impossible to believe, but the girls celebrated their 3rd birthday last month!  We still call them "the babies" and probably always will, but in truth they are growing fast and are fiercely independent little girls now.  

Now that they're a bit older, they are starting to understand the concept of a birthday least the cake and presents part.  In the weeks leading up to the party, they were very specific about the refreshments.  I was informed we would be having strawberry cupcakes and purple ice cream.

Purple ice cream?  My husband jokingly said "grape?"  Yikes.  I ended up making plain vanilla ice cream in our ice cream maker and adding food coloring until it was purple.  My best friends came to the flavor rescue with a super delicious blackberry compote which maintained the purple requirement but tasted delicious!

I made the cupcakes from this Martha Stewart recipe and they were incredibly good!  A bit dense, but the flavor was awesome.  The icing was a basic cream cheese icing piped on nice and thick because, seriously...cream cheese icing.  I cut the cupcake wrappers from some appropriately strawberry printed scrapbook paper.

I kept the decor fairly low-key.  We just had a few close family members and friends and we're not really extravagant party people.  This punch is awesome, by the way.  I used cherry lime drink mix instead of strawberry and good.  I also made some cute little cupcake shaped treat boxes (upper left of above photo) and filled them with candy for the guests.

I also made a little banner for the girls' high chair trays.  The girls were delighted so it was worth it :)  A few streamers, some balloons and the large Happy Birthday banner my best friends made for their 1st birthday and we called the decorations good.  There were two incredibly happy girls, so I'd say it was a success!

After the sugar situation went down, there was a chaotic period of present opening and then the family went out for dinner and then two extremely tired girls were put to bed.  It was a great day to turn 3!  

*All photos courtesy of my lovely and talented BFF Shannon Miller*

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