Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Cupcake Child's Apron Tutorial

Today I have a fun little tutorial for you!  As I mentioned, the girls were a bit obsessed with the cupcake situation leading up to their birthday party.  Every other party theme I suggested was rejected.  They wanted cupcakes and that was it!  Last year for their 2nd birthday they received a little play kitchen, so I thought it would be fun to make them some aprons to use while they pretend to cook and they can also use them when they "help" me cook!

I found the perfect pink cupcake printed fabric at JoAnn's and created a full apron for my cupcake loving children.  Needless to say, they were enormously popular with these birthday girls!

They LOVE to wear their aprons when they play with their kitchen!  Plus they are super easy to make and don't take very much fabric!  I used 1.5 yards to make both aprons and that includes matching bias tape.  The apron ties in a nice big bow in the back and there are two ruffly pockets that are optional.  Well, not really optional if your girls are like mine.  These two love pockets!!

This apron will fit most toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5.  To make your Little Cupcake Apron, you will need:

-3/4 yard quilting weight cotton fabric
- 1 pkg. extra wide double fold bias tape or about 40" of handmade bias tape
-coordinating fabric for pockets (optional) - 1/4 yard is plenty
-coordinating thread
-sewing stuff (machine, scissors or rotary cutter/mat, pins)

To get started, first cut the main apron pieces. 

Bodice: 1 square 8" x 8"
Skirt (not pictured below): 1 rectangle 12.5" tall x 21" long (you can shorten or lengthen as needed)
Waistband: 1 rectangle 4" tall x 9" long
Ties (folded in half widthwise below): 2 rectangles 4" tall by 26" long

Also make about 40" of bias tape if you are not using store bought bias tape.

For the pockets, cut two U-shaped pieces about 4" wide and 4" tall.  You can also use your child's hand as a guide.  Cut two strips for the pocket ruffles 2.5" wide x 22" long.

To prepare the pockets, first serge, zig zag stitch or trim all the edges with pinking shears.  Then turn the edges under 1/4" and press in place.  The curved bottom can be a bit tricky, just do your best to keep the curve smooth.  You may have folds or tucks and that's fine!  Once all the edges are turned under, topstitch the top edge in place.  Do this for both pockets.

For the ruffle strip, first iron the short edges under 1/4".  Next fold and press the entire strip in half lengthwise.  Then topstitch the two short edges in place.  Do this for both ruffle strips.

Run a gathering stitch (longest stitch length, highest stitch tension) along the raw edge of each ruffle strip.  Pull the bobbin threads to gather the strip to match the outer curved edge of the pocket.  Pin the strip to the pocket.  You can baste it to the pocket if you like.  I'm too lazy to baste, so I just pinned it well :)

Decide where you want to place the pockets on the skirt.  Remember, kids are small so they don't have to be very low or very far apart.  Mine were about 3" from the top edge and equally spaced out from the center of the skirt about 3" apart.  Pin the pockets to the skirt.

Now topstitch the pockets in place just around the curved portion, making sure you are catching the ruffle strip as you sew.  When you are done, the pocket and ruffle should both be securely on the skirt.

For the waistband and ties, stitch the two long ties to the waistband at the short sides, with the 9" waistband in between the ties.

You will be preparing this piece as if you were making bias tape.  First fold and press the entire piece in half lengthwise (top of photo) and then unfold and press each long edge into the center (bottom).

Now fold each short edge under 1/4" and press (top) and then fold the entire piece in half lengthwise again and press in place (bottom).

Run a gathering stitch along the top of the skirt piece and gather it until it fits the 9" part of the waistband.

Slide the skirt up into the waistband and pin in place.  Starting at one short end of your ties, begin sewing along the open edge.  Sew all the way down the ties, sewing the skirt into the waistband.  At this point you should have a very cute half apron!

To add the bodice, first take an 8" piece of bias tape and attach it to the top edge of your bodice square.  

Cut another piece of bias tape about 26" long.  You can shorten or lengthen this as needed for your child.  Starting at one bottom corner, pin the bias tape up the side then leave a long piece for the neck strap and then attach it down the opposite side, ending at the other bottom corner.  Sew the bias tape to the bodice, sewing up all the open edges around the neck as well.  To finish the bottom edge of the square, serge, zig zag stitch or trim it with pinking shears.  You could also fold it up 1/4" twice and stitch it in place if desired.  

Working from the wrong side, lay your bodice square on top of the waistband.  The bottom edge of the bodice should be right on top of the bottom edge of the waistband.  Pin in place.  

Flip the apron over and topstitch along the top edge of the waistband to secure the bodice.  For extra security, stitch in the ditch (that is, stitch right over your existing stitches) along the bottom edge of the waistband.

Done!  Time to play!

Does this mean they can make dinner for us now??  


  1. Adorable! In the process of making an apron and saw your post.i love the pockets. They give it an even more girly feeling. Thanks for the tutorial


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