Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Day 1 and 2

So for Day 1 (Monday), I did accomplish my goal of getting all my pattern pieces cut out.  Yay!  That pretty much took my hour but yielded no interesting photos whatsoever!  

Day 2 (Tuesday) was spent making the pillowcase dress for my friend's baby along with a matching headband.  I finished that in about an hour and since my girls were still napping, (seriously, the younger twin slept for over 3 hours!  Growth spurt, anyone?) I decided to keep working.  Tuesday was a seriously productive day!

Exhibit A, one extremely cute pillowcase dress and matching headband!  I love this fabric.  Michael Miller's Lil Plain Jane in Aqua in case you missed the piles of fabric prepwork post :)  I have this dress in my Etsy shop and one of my favorite pictures is this one that my BFF and uber talented photographer took..

copyright Shannon Miller Photography
As usual, I digress.  Back to current projects!  Once I finished up the pillowcase dress, I jumped into the swim cover ups.  This resulted in a shower of terry cloth confetti all over my sewing area, but I did make quite a bit of progress!

Like I said before, I'm basically recreating the girls' former swim cover ups, which were these cuties from Old Navy.  Since I'm making the whole thing from pink terry, I decided to add a little fun by putting swirl thread in my serger and doing a multi-colored rolled hem on the ruffle.  After doing a rolled hem on 100 miles of terry cloth, I then gathered the aforementioned 100 miles of terry and got the ruffles basted to the front of the dresses.  

After that, I just left the swirl thread in my serger and decided to finish all the seams with it!  It's fun and they're 3 so they can get away with stuff like that!  While we're on the exaggeration train, I also made 100 miles of bias tape to bind the neckline and armholes, but I'll have to get that sewn on tomorrow.  Really it was only 5 yards, but when you're ironing all 5 yards, it really feels like 100 miles.  I need to get one of those fancy machines.  Also, have you tried the 5 yards of continuous bias tape from a fat quarter method yet?  If not, you really should.  It's life changing.

So that's Tuesday's progress!  Wednesday I plan on finishing up the swim cover ups.  Thursday I will not be able to sew, but I hope to have pictures Friday of the finished cover ups and then it's onto the weekend!!

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