Monday, February 11, 2013

Quarter Zip to Full Zip Fleece Refashion

To say I'm a fan of the quarter zip fleeces from Old Navy would be a bit of an understatement.  I probably currently own 6 different colors, plus a couple of fleece vests.  Yeah.  I like them.  They're comfy, they're warm and they are awesome in spring and fall when you don't really want to wear a coat.  I just a couple of little problems - the quarter zip isn't exactly super convenient since you have to pull it off over your head, plus fleece is warm, but not a great wind breaker.  

As I took stock of my large number of these fleeces, I started to think maybe I could refashion one to make it work a little better for me.  I figured if it was a bust, I have plenty of backups!!  Thankfully it was NOT a bust and now I have a nice fleece jacket that I can use during the many transitions that midwest weather throws at us!

When I started, the fleece looked like this:

I got out my handy dandy seam ripper and set to work!  First I ripped out the binding around the zipper and removed the zipper itself.  Then I just continued to cut straight down the center, all the way through the hem.

To solve the lack of wind protection, I ripped the nylon lining out of an old jacket that I will never wear again.  The color doesn't exactly match, but since I always have it zipped when I'm out in public, I didn't really care.  I basically just used my seam ripper to totally remove the lining and then serged up any raw edges.

I slipped the lining into the fleece with wrong sides together and just tacked it at some of the major points like under the arm, at the hem and around the collar.  I then installed a parka style zipper.  With a little hand stitching to clean up some of the areas that were left raw after pulling out the quarter zip, I had a fully lined, full zip fleece!

I am super happy with it!  I wore it a ton this fall and I know I'll be wearing it again this spring!  It's so nice to have something that's light, yet keeps the wind at bay.  Plus I can easily unzip and remove it instead of having to pull it over my head.  It's a real shame to mess up that mama ponytail, ya know :)

Craft bloggers are clearly not models, haha.  One of the best parts about this refashion is how inexpensive it was.  The zipper was about $1.50 with a coupon and I had to get a spool of teal thread, another whopping $1.25 or so with coupon.  I might have to cut up another one of my fleeces so I have some color options!

Love it, love it, love it!

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