Monday, January 21, 2013

Skirting the Issue Part 2

This past summer I had so much fun participating in the Skirting the Issue event, hosted by the lovely liZ and Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co/Project Run & Play.  When I went to donate the skirts, I had such a nice conversation with the ladies at the local foster care agency.  We talked about how such a simple thing as a new skirt can really boost a young girl's self-esteem and make her feel valued.

This year I have the joy of being the co-creative activities director for my MOPS group.  One of the visions my co-director and I have for the year is to make creative activities about more than just making something cute for yourself or your kids.  We want to use our gifts and abilities to reach out to the community.  As such, we decided to host a sewing night with two purposes in mind.  First, we would teach some basic sewing skills to anyone who wanted to learn to sew.  Secondly, we would all make a simple skirt and donate it to the foster care agency.  A total win-win in my book!  

The sewing night was so much fun!  I wish I had taken pictures, but I was sewing and teaching, so I didn't really get around to it!  Between the ladies at the sewing night and a few extras done by me, we finished 11 skirts to donate!

When I went to donate this fabulous pile of pretties, I was able to meet with the same woman from the foster care agency I spoke with before and she said the skirts would be used as Christmas gifts.  They make sure each child who goes through their agency gets a gift, which I think is so awesome!

Just a few of my favorites:

The last one is my first try at something a tween girl would least I hope so!  I took a poll among my facebook friends with tweens and got a positive response, so I hope there is a girl who is feeling awesomely stylish now :)  The fabric is a stretchy denim with a bit of a sheen to it.  I thought it was a little bit punk but still age appropriate.

I just want to thank Elizabeth and liZ again for their awesome idea and big hearts!  The moms in my group were thrilled to be able to learn some sewing tricks and help girls in our community at the same time!  If anyone is interested in doing something similar, I have a basic instruction sheet I made and you can download it here.  Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Amanda--You are so wonderful. Your skirts are adorable (especially that purple one!).

    I don't know how to say how much it touches my heart that you are doing this without sounding just know that I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. How nice it is to know that there are good people in the world.

  2. Ditto what Amanda said. Very cool. And I'm not a tween, but I would have voted for that last skirt too. Well done. Lynaea @


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