Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laminated Cotton Pocket Bibs

I've been selling these fun little pocket bibs in my Etsy shop for awhile.  The front is laminated cotton and the back is super soft minky.  I recently had a customer ask if I could make them with the laminated fabric on both the front and the back.  Huh...never though to try that!  The verdict?  Awesome!

Fabric: Lila Tueller Bohemian Pink Damask
The Amy Butler laminated cotton I had been using states it shouldn't be machine washed, but I'll tell you...I'm a rebel and totally put it in the machine.  Without trying to be overly gross, the flu happened around here, and sometimes it inconveniently manifests itself while your kids are eating.  So, the bibs had an odor that was NOT going to come out with basic wiping.  I think Amy Butler needs to give her fabric more credit, because it washed up beautifully!  The bibs my girls were using during this incident are the laminated on one side/minky on the other kind.  I'm thinking with laminate on both sides, the unpleasant smell probably wouldn't have penetrated, therefore saving me a lot of trouble!

Fabric: Amy Butler Alchemy Imperial Paisley
I found this great Etsy shop called Laminates that sells laminated cotton and she has an amazing selection!  I'll give her a plug because her service was great and I'm always glad to share a good resource with my blogging friends!

Fabric: Riley Blake Fall Decadence Pears
This is starting to look like a bunch of mug shots of my kids, LOL.  Anyway, working with the laminated cotton is fairly simple.  My best tip is when you are topstitching, put a piece of tissue paper between your presser foot and the laminate.  Sew as usual and then simply tear the paper away when you are done.  Works like a charm!  I can't remember exactly where I read that tip...I'm thinking Me Sew Crazy

I love this Amy Butler fabric from the Lark collection.  

And this one - Amy Butler again from the Cameo line.  

Sandy Henderson for Michael Miller Secret Garden collection...divine.  I'm thinking the girls are going to need some new bibs soon :)  

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