Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trick or Treat Bags

I realize Halloween was over a week ago, but I haven't shared anything about it because I was the laziest sewer ever and did not make the girls' costumes at all!  We had these super adorable Colts cheerleader outfits and we just went with it.  I did realize (just a few days before Halloween of course) that they didn't really have a bag to collect my their candy in, so I whipped up a couple of cute little totes for them.

I basically used my Ruffle & Ribbon tote bag tutorial and just made a few changes.  Mainly I reduced the size to make it more toddler friendly.  These are about 10" x 10" finished size.  I also omitted the ruffle and ribbon part, but made the top patchwork by cutting squares and piecing them together to make the outer bag.

I know the colors are not Halloween-ish at all and they don't match the cheerleader outfits either, but I figured they would be cute for use year round, maybe even as a little library tote bag.

The lining is super girly pink and I went simple and omitted the pocket.

Super cute and the girls love little purses, so they have definitely been a hit.

This was our first Halloween trick-or-treating and and the girls had a great time, despite the cold.  They kept saying "one more house, Mama?"  It was freezing and their little hands and faces were like ice when we got home, but they were happy.  Maybe next year we'll jump on the handmade costume train!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.  Thanksgiving, here we come!

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