Monday, November 5, 2012

Sewing Epiphany of the Week

I have these really darling little handmade crocheted pumpkins on my piano for fall.  Of course the girls think they are for them to toss around and play with and I can only imagine the damage they could inflict if given the chance!  To prevent my pumpkins from meeting an untimely demise, I told the girls I would make them their own pumpkins to play with.  This was my first attempt.

It turned out fine, although as my husband pointed out, he's never seen a pumpkin with all those funky patterns, haha.  Basically I cut out 6 football shaped panels and sewed all but the last ones right sides together, stuffed it with fiberfill and hand stitched the opening shut.  There are a million tutorials online and even templates you can print out, so I'll spare you all that :)  My plan was to make a cute little stem for the top and use embroidery floss to pull in the side seams so it would be more pumpkin shaped (i.e. have little ridges at each seam).  However, the girls took off with it almost before I had it stitched closed and they don't seem bothered by the lack of texture!  Honestly, it's fine for a plaything, but I was really hoping to give it more shape.  That's when I had my little sewing epiphany and here is pumpkin #2!

Yay, texture, and it was super easy and did not involve extra work!  How, you ask?  Elastic thread, my friends.  I simply loaded my bobbin with elastic thread and stitched the panels together exactly the same way as the first pumpkin, but the elastic thread pulled the seams in, creating a more realistic pumpkin shape!

It still doesn't have a cute stem or leaves, but I'll take the small victory.  The girls still try to take my nice pumpkins, but now I just give them "the look" and they say "get own pumpkin" and head off for the toybox :)  Mission accomplished.

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