Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Super Fluffy Tutu (With 3T Measurement Guide)

The girls have this adorable tutu skirt from Old Navy.  It's pink, it's ruffly and it's a big wardrobe favorite around here.  I wanted to recreate it so the girls could have another one, so when my friends spotted tulle on sale for 75 cents a yard, I knew it was time to get to work!

The girls absolutely love it, and while it's quite a bit fuller than the Old Navy one, I still like it a lot.  I don't know what kind of tulle ON used, but it's definitely higher quality stuff than you can find at a local fabric store.  It doesn't have that stiffness factor so it lays really nicely and doesn't really puff out.  The stiff quality of this tulle and all those gathers make it fluff out a lot, but that's okay.  The fluffier the better, right?

On a side note, I think our outdoor picture taking will probably be coming to an end soon.  It's getting too chilly out there :(

I didn't do a tutorial for this because it's a bit of a time consuming piece to make, but if you want to make one, I'll tell you essentially how I did it.  

The skirt is constructed in 3 layers.  The under layer is just some cheap acetate dress/skirt lining, followed by two upper layers of tulle.  Each layer is three separate tiers, gathered and stitched to the tier above.  Basically you make three 3-tiered skirts and attach them together.  You can read a good tutorial for a tiered skirt here.  The lining layer is hemmed but the tulle won't fray so that is left raw.

Once I had all 3 layers constructed, I basted them together along the top edge, folded the top down to make a casing and inserted my elastic.

This is a 3T and below are the measurements I used for my pieces.  These would probably work for most little girls sizes, just adjust the length of your elastic to fit your child's waist.  You will need to cut 2 tulle strips and one lining strip for each layer.

Bottom tier: 110" long x 4" tall
Middle tier: 55" long x 4.5" tall
Top tier (includes enough for elastic casing): 27.5" long x 5.75" tall

Pair it up with some tights, leggings or my girls' favorite...Babylegs.  Then twirl, dance and be a happy toddler!  Or a cold toddler...time to head inside!

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