Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012 Day 6: Lots o' Leggings and How to Add Ruffles to Your Pattern

Yay, the leggings project is finished!!!   

These four pairs are for a fellow twin mama, plus I made a pair each for my girlies and another two pairs for a different twin mama.  Yeah.  Twins are everywhere!

I used the basic leggings pattern from Whimsy Couture and then added ruffles to the bottom of each pair.  If you want to add ruffles to your leggings pattern it's pretty simple, although to make it look nice can be a bit time consuming.

First, you'll want to cut out your legging pattern pieces.  This works best if your pattern has two pieces, a left leg and a right leg.  Then cut a rectangle off the bottom of each leg that is 4.5" tall (yes, I know I have two different colors here...I had lots of leggings in various stages of completion going on this week!).

Now cut strips of fabric that are 2" tall and twice as long as the rectangle you just cut.  Ruffle each strip until it is the same length as your rectangle.  I used my serger, but you can use the old fashioned basting stitch/pull bobbin threads method as well.

Now start attaching your ruffle strips to the rectangles you cut off the bottom of each leg.  Position the first ruffle 1.5" above the bottom (or 3" below the top), pin and sew in place.  I would suggest using a zig zag stitch to maintain the stretch in the knit fabric.

Repeat with your next ruffle, pinning it 1.5" above the top edge of the first ruffle or 1.5" below the top.

Finally add the last ruffle, which should be flush with the top.  Each ruffle should cover the top of the one below it by 1/2", which will cover your stitching lines.  

Now place your ruffled section right sides together with the bottom of each leg and stitch in place.  In the "I learned this the hard way" category, make sure you are pinning the ruffles to the correct side of each leg if your fabric doesn't have a right or wrong side!  Otherwise you'll end up with two legs facing left or right.  Not cool.

Now flip the ruffled section down and topstitch it in place.  This will both look nicer and also keep your top row of ruffles from flipping up.

Continue assembling the leggings according to the pattern directions.  When you're done, you will have a lovely ruffled leg!

I love the navy pair, even though they keep turning out purple in my photos.

This is a lot of leggings, folks.  Eight pairs this week.  I think I'm taking a leggings hiatus for a long while!


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