Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012 Day 2

Since my girls' closet is already pretty stocked for fall and winter, I'm not making much for them this week, but I am sewing for someone's kid!!  I'll be working on a couple of things for my girls this week, but for now I am sewing for someone else.  I have a friend in our local twins club who loves to buy clothing from a certain famous children's boutique.  She likes the clothes, but not the price.  She recently sent me a photo of some ruffled leggings and asked if I could make them for less.  Since I don't have the overhead costs of a large business, I usually can make things cheaper while still turning a profit.  I now find myself up to my ears in ruffled leggings...or at least the start of them!

I have been using the basic knit leggings pattern from Whimsy Couture and adding ruffles to the bottom.  I was actually combining patterns and using the ruffle method from Whimsy's basic ruffled pants pattern.  My first pair turned out fine as far as the leggings were concerned, but the ruffle method was just not working for me.  There wasn't much "ruffle" to it and the ruffle tiers didn't look even...ugh.  I was super frustrated!  I have since switched to my own method of attaching the ruffles and it is going SO much more smoothly and these turned out great (well, I obviously still need to sew up the rise and put a waistband on, but the "hard part" is over!).

I'm making black, brown, navy and off white for her, plus brown and off white for another twins club friend who heard I was making them and then I decided my girls needed some off white ones as well.  Umm, that's a lot of ruffled leggings!  I actually finished my own girls' off white pairs but only did two tiers of ruffles on theirs.  I'll work on getting those photographed in the next day or two and hopefully have a stack of ruffled leggings at the end of the week!  Hope your KCWC sewing is going great!!

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