Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Notions Fun!

Last week I received an email from our church secretary that someone had left a large envelope for me in the office.  She said it wasn't making funny noises and it didn't smell bad so there was no hurry to pick it up, but of course I was super curious!  I stopped by to get it and found it was full of random sewing stuff!  So fun!  I have no idea who gave it to me, but I had so much fun looking through it.  Some of my favorites:

Zippers!  You can never have too many zippers laying around and it's always nice to add some colors instead of basic white!

Some seriously old school elastic and a package of rick rack.  39 cents for the elastic?  I wish!  It still seems stretchy and not brittle, so it will be used!

This HAS to be from the 80s, so I'm not sure it qualifies as vintage, but it made me laugh.  Neon pink iron on fabric?  Surely I can find some use for this.

I'm not big on sewing from commercial patterns, but this little gadget was pretty interesting.  It's called a pattern marker.  Basically you cut your fabric and leave the pattern pinned on.  Then you slide some transfer paper between the layers and use this contraption to transfer all the pattern marks to your fabric.

The instructions for this little device may be my favorite thing in the whole package.  Love that vintage look!  Many thanks to whoever left me these little treasures!

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