Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who Doesn't Love the Olympics?

At our house, we are greatly enjoying the Olympics, although between a 2-year old working on cutting her last molars and all the fun stuff (gymnastics!) being on late, no one is getting much sleep around here!  I thought the opening ceremony was well done and it's been fun to watch sports that you don't ordinarily see televised.  

One of my best friends is obsessed with really enjoys the Olympics, so I made her this fun little bunting for her opening ceremonies party.

It was a bit more labor intensive than I originally thought, but it turned out so cute, I didn't mind :)

Basically I just cut a bunch of triangles out of navy fabric, then a bunch of strips of red and white in different sizes.  I ironed the raw edges under and stitched them on in a Union flag pattern (with a fair amount of artistic license).  In the random trivia file, I learned that while many people refer to the flag as the "Union Jack," it's more correctly called the Union flag, unless it's being flown on a ship in which case it's proper to call it the Union Jack.  Who knew?  Probably the British people.

Anyway, once I had all the stripes sewn down, I took some red triangles of fabric and stitched them right sides together with the "flag" part, then flipped and pressed.  I strung the whole thing together with some red bias tape and it was ready for the party!  Now go cheer on your country, but let's not forget to show appreciation to the host city!  Thank you London!

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  1. I love this :) I am a big Dr who fan (a British scifi. Show) , and the newest season is about ready to start...may have to make one of these. For the Dr who party I am thinking about having with a few friends. :)


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