Friday, August 17, 2012

Rolled Knit Flower Headbands

Schools are starting up again all over the country and I guess it's putting me in a fall crafting mood!  I've already started in on several fall/winter dresses for the girls and the other day I was going crazy with hair accessories!

I've made these adorable rolled felt flowers from Jess at CINO before, but I started wondering how they'd work out in jersey knit.  I tried a few out and I love them!  I think I actually like them better than the felt!

I made a bunch of different colors and mounted them on some headbands.  

The knit worked just as well as the felt and I love the look and how soft they are.  When using knit, I would suggest cutting the initial strip a bit wider.  I did mine 3" and it worked well.  I just clipped, glued and rolled like the original tute shows and they turned out great!  The knit likes to move around a bit more than the felt, so when you are folding the strip over, be careful not to stretch it out and try to line it up carefully.

I was definitely in a fall color mood!  These were all upcycled from old t-shirts and tank tops.

I just kept switching out headbands and taking pictures, LOL...the girls are used to their crazy mom!

Have a great weekend!

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