Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gold Medal Girls

Even though they have absolutely no idea what the Olympics really are, the girls have been super excited about them.  When we get dressed in the morning, they ask to wear "Olympic shirts" (whatever that means) and they recently figured out how to do a perfect somersault (which apparently makes them Olympic gymnasts). 

I've seen a few variations of crafty Olympic medals online over the past couple of weeks and thought the girls might have some fun making their own!  We had a blast!

These two are definitely gold medal girls.  They have a bit of a naughty streak, but what 2 year old doesn't?  They totally win the gold for craziness and also for synchronized looks (I know I don't show their faces on here, but trust me...they're as identical as it gets!).  

Our medals are pink and blue because in this house, those colors are way better than gold and silver (also, it's what color glitter paint I had in my craft stash!). 

No earth-shattering techniques here.  We just grabbed some acrylic glitter paint, a stack of paper plates and some foam brushes.  I dumped paint into washed out plastic containers and let the girls have at it!

I put some of my old t-shirts on over their clothes in case there were any paint incidents, but they actually kept it fairly neat.  Also, I seriously underestimated just how big an adult large t-shirt would be on a 2 year old.  Perhaps it's time to whip up some more stylish and better fitting art smocks!

After they had painted a bunch of lovely glitter blobs on the paper plates, we laid them out in the sun to dry.

After a quick swim and a little lunch, I cut circles around the painted areas, punched a hole in the top and fed a piece of grosgrain ribbon through the hole.  Voila...Olympic medals!

Definitely gold medal girls.  They'll always be #1 to us!

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