Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Skirting the Issue: My Thoughts and What I've Finished So Far

If you aren't yet familiar with the event being hosted by Simple Simon & Co called Skirting the Issue, I would really recommend that you click the link and read about it.  It's such a fantastic outreach and I know there are girls all over the country who are going to be blessed by the beautiful skirts being donated.

This project really got me thinking.  My family isn't rich by any stretch of the imagination, yet our girls have so much.  Their closet and dresser are both filled to the breaking point with clothes.  Some of it is new, some of it is from a children's resale and some of it is handmade by me, but there is a LOT of it.  Neat rows of sweet little matching outfits wait for one of the girls to choose each morning...and so many choices!  But when you go beyond clothes, to the heart of what this project is really about, our girls are rich in so many other ways.  They have a Mommy & Daddy at home.  They are showered with love, hugs and kisses day and night.  They are doted on by grandparents and friends.  Even if they only had a few things to wear, they would still know how much they are loved.  For some of the girls in the foster care system, none of these things are true.  I know there are wonderful, loving foster parents out there who are devoting their lives to giving kids a family, but I also know there are boys and girls who live each day not knowing they are loved.  Not knowing they are beautiful and special.  Not knowing they are a son or daughter of God.  

So, where does all this rambling leave me?  If hand making a skirt and donating it to a sweet girl in foster care gives her one glimmer of hope that she is beautiful, unique, special and loved, it makes me want to make a skirt for every girl I can.  The woman I've been in touch with at a local foster care agency said "Many of these girls struggle to have self-value and have low self-esteem."  Can you take an hour and some fabric and put a smile on a little girl's face?  I know I can.

Okay, now that you've lasted through my sermon, on to the pictures.  Here's what I've accomplished so far!

A pair of sweet little pink bubble skirts, made with Simple Simon's tutorial.  I added a patchwork trim and I think they're so fun!  Sizes 7 and 4T.

A sunny yellow gingham skirt with eyelet trim and bow embellishment.  Such a happy skirt :)  Size 4T.

One of my favorites - a simple elastic waist skirt, but the stripwork makes it more fun!  I used Ruby by Bonnie & Camille for Moda which is just gorgeous.  Size 6.
For the older girls, a pair of tribal print maxi skirts with a lettuce hem.  Sizes 14 and 16.

A pink and white cascading ruffle skirt made using Lil Blue Boo's tutorial.  A great way to upcycle knits!  Size 6.

Another favorite - a denim faux wrap skirt with a big flower applique and ruffled waistband.  Very practical but super cute!  Size 8.

A close up of the applique.

That's what I have done so far!  I have a couple more planned and will be working on those in the next week.  It's so fun and such an inspiration to see all these awesome creations in the flickr group.  I know all these skirts will be truly appreciated.

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  1. Wow! Your projects r encouraging. I am also new to sewing, and my intention is to give away all my pieces to little kids in need. Hopefully I can get to your stage soon.


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