Friday, July 6, 2012

Sewing for Me: 50s Floral

My final foray into grown-up sewing, at least for now, is this 50s style floral print dress!

Lest you be worried that I only use vintage sheets for my littles, this dress is 100% vintage sheet goodness!  The sheet was in my stash and I just keep thinking how pretty it would be for me and the next thing you know, I was cutting it up in adult size!

The bodice was adapted from a shapeless Simplicity tank style dress pattern.  I used it to cut the approximate bodice size and then added the darts below the bust to give it a classic 50s shape.  I fully lined the bodice in white cotton also, just because vintage sheets can be a bit thin.  I cut the back bodice into two pieces so I could add a zipper.

Goofy face...the sun was bright!  

The band at the waist was a bit of a happy accident.  After I cut the skirt, I realized the whole thing was going to be kind of short.  I didn't have enough fabric to recut the skirt, so I improvised.  I love how it turned out!  The band is stitched between the bodice and skirt but the sash is free so I can put it in front or back or even leave it off.  For the skirt, I cut two pieces of the sheet (which was twin size, I think) selvage to selvage and stitched them together.  I then gathered and stitched them to the waistband.

I do love a giant bow!

Even the back zipper is upcycled, although not vintage.  I ripped it out of one of the girls' old Halo SleepSacks!  This is why I save these things!  I mean, seriously, who knows when you're going to need an 20" long pink zipper???

It's always a bit of a risk to make something in such a retro style for adults, especially from a sheet.  I really do love how it turned out, though, and it's very me, so hopefully people aren't snickering behind my back when I wear it!  Please, snicker to my face...LOL!  

That's it for Sewing for Me for now!  I have a few more things I might make, but it's going to be time to start designing fall and winter dresses for the girls soon, so I will be busy with that, I'm sure.  For now, it's nice to have a few wardrobe updates!  I hope all you mamas take time to sew for yourselves too!  It's really more fun than I would have thought!


  1. What a beautiful dress! The flowers and giant bow make me smile.

  2. Beautiful dress! It looks great on you!


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