Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personalized Graduation Gift

My oldest nephew graduated from high school this past week.   I can't believe my nieces and nephews are getting this old...what does that say about me??? 

I wanted to make him something special and when I saw a cute handmade laundry bag, inspiration struck!  I won't do a full tutorial since there are about a million laundry bag tutorials out there, but it's pretty basic.  I just took a yard of fabric, folded it in half, stitched up the long side and one short side, made a casing and threaded some cording through the top.  But, I didn't stop there!

My nephew will be attending Indiana University in the fall, so with the help of some Steam-A-Seam, I appliqued the IU logo and his last name onto the front of the bag.  I didn't want to do the whole zig zag stitch applique around the edges because a) it would have been a ton of work and b) I thought it was a bit much for a guy's laundry bag.  So, I just did a straight stitch in red thread all the way around each letter.  The edges of the letters will fray a bit, but I think it's kind of a cool look for a guy.  Nothing too fancy.  

I think I'll leave all my laundry in it and tell him to get some practice in before he leaves.  Ha!  

We're off to my oldest niece's wedding and a trip to Cedar Point with my hubby's company this weekend, so have a great one, everybody!

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