Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Embellishing Clothing: Faux Button Placket Tutorial

Have you ever looked at a top or a dress you're making and thought it just needed a bit more pizzazz?  I was making a simple peasant top for a client recently and it just needed a little something extra.  I decided to add a faux button placket!  Here's how I did it.

You will need:

- A top or dress 
- A scrap of coordinating fabric
- Buttons
- Sewing stuff

First cut your scrap of fabric into the desired size and shape.  The size will largely depend on the size and quantity of buttons you are using and how you want them spaced.  I typically lay out the buttons and play around with the spacing until I like how it looks.  You will want to cut your placket to the final length you desire plus seam allowance on the top and bottom.  For the width, cut it twice as wide as you want your finished placket to be plus seam allowance on one side (the other side is the fold).  For the one I'm making here, I wanted the final length to be 5.5" and the width to be 1.75", so I added my 1/4" seam allowance and cut one piece 6" x 4".

Now fold your placket piece in half lengthwise and sew around the 3 open sides, leaving a couple inches open for turning.  I also like to clip the corners so it's easier to press flat after turning.

Turn the placket right side out through your opening and press flat, making sure any raw edges from your turning hole are enclosed.

Position the placket where you'd like it on the garment and stitch down all four sides close to the edge, closing up the turning hole.

Hand sew the buttons in place and admire your cute new top!

A closer look at the finished placket.

This is such an easy addition to any piece!  Have fun embellishing!


  1. Love the button placket! (ANd the way you did the neckline...it's darling!)

  2. Love that placket and such a nice tutorial. Faux Seashell Clothing Button can be a great and good looking addition to a dress or wardrobe.


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