Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Branching out...

I decided the blog needed it's own facebook page, so here we go!  You can now "like" Double Stitching on facebook!  Join me at!

And seriously...both of things things are true.  Happy Wednesday, friends :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial: Adding Snaps to a Romper or Shorts

I love rompers.  They are so cute and comfortable!  I just have one beef with them - diaper changes and potty training.  Trying to completely remove a romper from an already mad baby with a wet/dirty diaper?  No thanks.  Even worse, dealing with a 2 year old who has to go potty RIGHT NOW while you're struggling to get the romper off of her...yuck.  I'm a subscriber to a "the less clothing a potty training child has on, the better" type of philosophy.  Dresses and skirts work great for this, but you lose some of the casualness and the modesty factor of a romper (seriously, show me a 2 year old girl who doesn't regularly pull her dress up, exposing everything she has to all and sundry). 

All that to say, I've had my eye on Ashley from Make It and Love It's Little Girl Romper for a long time, but I have put off making it for just these reasons.  Then it just hit me - why not modify the shorts portion to have a snap closure?  Now you have a convenient access point to the baby's diaper and a quick opening for that must-potty-NOW toddler!  Then my best friends came back from the thrift store with two gorgeous matching vintage pillowcases and the deal was sealed.

You can't even see the snaps!  Now diaper/potty time is simplified and your cutie is comfy and covered!

I made these a big large on purpose...hoping they will fit next summer.  For now, we're sporting the bermuda shorts romper look :)

Want to add snaps to your existing shorts pattern?  You will need your pattern, some tracing paper and a pencil, and snaps.  I used some size 16 snaps and my snap setter, but sew-on snaps would work too. 

First draft your shorts pattern according to Ashley's tutorial.  When you get to the inseam curve, extend it to the side by 1".  You can see my initial pencil line in the photo below - this is the original inseam.  I added 1" and outlined it in black marker.

Cut out your shorts pieces and sew the crotch seams together on the front pieces and the back pieces.  Leave the inseams unsewn!

We need to make a facing for the snaps so they have enough fabric to catch onto without ripping your shorts when you unsnap them.  Lay out the inseam from the front pieces and trace around it, making the beginning of a template for your snap facing.  Do the same for the back pieces.

From your bottom line (the line you traced right up against your inseam), measure up 1.25" and draw a connecting line across, making a rectangular-ish shape.  Again, do this for the front and back pieces. 

With right sides facing, cut two pieces of fabric from each of your templates.  Using 1/4" seam allowance, stitch the front facings together along the top edge (if you aren't sure which is your top edge, it should be the one that is slightly longer than the actual inseam length).  Also stitch the back facings together in the same manner.

Now flip the facings right side out and press with your iron.

Pin each facing along your front and back inseams, right sides together and matching up the raw edges.  Stitch along the raw edge, using 1/4" seam allowance.

Flip the facings back into the inside of the shorts and press with your iron.  Stitch close to the folded edge, securing the facing into the shorts.

Overlap your front and back inseams, trimming any excess so that each inseam is the same length.

Finish sewing up the shorts by stitching the front and back together.  Hem the shorts before adding the snaps!  Once hemmed, add your snaps according to your preferred method.  I suggest overlapping the front inseam over the back.

Snap it up to make sure it all works!

Now you have a romper that's easy to get in and out of and no one will notice the snaps!  This method would work for any baby shorts/pants where you want to add a snap closure.

Romp around in that hot, hot sun!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ready for the 4th!

I thought I would share a few more photos of the patriotic version of the dress I made for my guest post at Project Run & Play!  For the full tutorial, jump over there and check it out!  This cute little red, white and blue fabric came from JoAnn's.

I love the little ruffle at the top :)

With the halter ties around the neck, it's so cool and comfy for summer.  Easy for her to run around and play in, while still being the cutest girl at the family picnic!

It even makes siblings love each other!  Okay, maybe girls are just snuggly ones :)

Maybe it just makes you want to dance!

It's a happy, breezy dress for any occasion this summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest posting at Project Run & Play!

I am excited and honored to be doing my very first guest post today!  Join me over at Project Run & Play where I'm sharing a tutorial for this fun little summer dress!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personalized Graduation Gift

My oldest nephew graduated from high school this past week.   I can't believe my nieces and nephews are getting this old...what does that say about me??? 

I wanted to make him something special and when I saw a cute handmade laundry bag, inspiration struck!  I won't do a full tutorial since there are about a million laundry bag tutorials out there, but it's pretty basic.  I just took a yard of fabric, folded it in half, stitched up the long side and one short side, made a casing and threaded some cording through the top.  But, I didn't stop there!

My nephew will be attending Indiana University in the fall, so with the help of some Steam-A-Seam, I appliqued the IU logo and his last name onto the front of the bag.  I didn't want to do the whole zig zag stitch applique around the edges because a) it would have been a ton of work and b) I thought it was a bit much for a guy's laundry bag.  So, I just did a straight stitch in red thread all the way around each letter.  The edges of the letters will fray a bit, but I think it's kind of a cool look for a guy.  Nothing too fancy.  

I think I'll leave all my laundry in it and tell him to get some practice in before he leaves.  Ha!  

We're off to my oldest niece's wedding and a trip to Cedar Point with my hubby's company this weekend, so have a great one, everybody!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Embellishing Clothing: Faux Button Placket Tutorial

Have you ever looked at a top or a dress you're making and thought it just needed a bit more pizzazz?  I was making a simple peasant top for a client recently and it just needed a little something extra.  I decided to add a faux button placket!  Here's how I did it.

You will need:

- A top or dress 
- A scrap of coordinating fabric
- Buttons
- Sewing stuff

First cut your scrap of fabric into the desired size and shape.  The size will largely depend on the size and quantity of buttons you are using and how you want them spaced.  I typically lay out the buttons and play around with the spacing until I like how it looks.  You will want to cut your placket to the final length you desire plus seam allowance on the top and bottom.  For the width, cut it twice as wide as you want your finished placket to be plus seam allowance on one side (the other side is the fold).  For the one I'm making here, I wanted the final length to be 5.5" and the width to be 1.75", so I added my 1/4" seam allowance and cut one piece 6" x 4".

Now fold your placket piece in half lengthwise and sew around the 3 open sides, leaving a couple inches open for turning.  I also like to clip the corners so it's easier to press flat after turning.

Turn the placket right side out through your opening and press flat, making sure any raw edges from your turning hole are enclosed.

Position the placket where you'd like it on the garment and stitch down all four sides close to the edge, closing up the turning hole.

Hand sew the buttons in place and admire your cute new top!

A closer look at the finished placket.

This is such an easy addition to any piece!  Have fun embellishing!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Junebug Remix: Part 2

During the last season of Project Run & Play, we were challenged to remix Jess of CINO's super cute Junebug Dress.  I made a fun little shirt, which a friend from church saw and admired.  She asked me to make a version for her 6 year old, only with it turned back into a dress.  So, the Junebug Remix and been remixed yet again!

This may rank right up there as the most sugary sweet pink confection of a dress I have ever made, but I kind of love it.  The fabric is a Signature Cotton from JoAnn's and the ribbon and ric rac are sewn right on the fabric. 

As with my Junebug Remix shirt, I added ruffles to the front bodice.  This time instead of folding the ruffle strip in half lengthwise and then ruffling, I used one layer of fabric and did a rolled hem with my serger.  I did the same for the little cap sleeves.

I removed the tie from the bottom band and instead made a rather long sash that ties in the back.  I sandwiched the end of the ties into the bodice sides before sewing them up.

I really like the look of the ribbon and ric rac on the bias.  I think it creates some nice texture to the dress.  Plus, it's super girly, which I know my friend's daughter will love!

I'm hiding it from my girls, because I know my equally girly younger twin will want one!  

Have a great weekend, everyone!