Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Haven Top Sew-Along Day 2: Assembling the Bodice

Time for day 2 of our Haven Top sew-along!  If you followed along yesterday, you should have all your pieces cut out and ready to sew.  Today we will be putting together the bodice.

*If you missed Day 1, click here to get the instructions for making your pattern and cutting your pieces!*

To start, we'll sew together the bodice detail.  Take your two detail pieces and place them right sides together.  Using your predetermined seam allowance (whatever you decided on when making your pattern) stitch the detail pieces together down the two long sides.

Then turn the piece right side out and press well with your iron.

Place the detail piece in the center of your front bodice (exterior fabric piece), lining up the raw edges.  Stitch down the two long sides, 1/8" from the edge, securing the piece to your bodice.

Take your bodice front and back pieces and sew them right sides together at the shoulders.  Do this for your main fabric and lining fabric.

Next, place your lining bodice and your main bodice right sides together, matching up the shoulder seams and corners and pin it well.  Now stitch the two pieces together along the entire interior perimeter, including the inner edges of the back bodice.  I highlighted my stitching lines in the picture below so you can see exactly where to stitch.

Flip the pieces right side out and press well with your iron.  Work the corners and edges to make sure it lays nice and flat.

Overlap your back bodice pieces by 1" and pin it together along the bottom edge.  Decide where you want your buttons (or snaps) to go and mark the placement.

Make your buttonholes and carefully rip them open with the seam ripper.  You can sew on your buttons at this time as well.  Baste the back bodice together where it overlaps, 1/4" from the raw edge.

That's it for today!  Tomorrow we'll add the sleeves and bottom and finish the shirt up!  You might want to do a quick fit check on your child with the bodice if time allows.  As always, let me know if you have any questions!


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