Friday, February 24, 2012

Take a Look, It's in a Book

I saw this on Pinterest the other day.

I can't tell you how true I think this is!  My mom was a preschool and early elementary teacher for most of her career and I remember her reading to my brothers and me all the time as a child.  I know my husband has similar memories.  In fact, we were just talking a couple of weeks ago about our childhood trips to the library, checking out stacks of books we could barely carry. 

Hubby and I are both avid readers, so we're so thrilled that both our girls love to read, especially the younger twin.  She will bring you book after book and point at everything, wanting to know what everything is.  Now, at just shy of 2 years old, she can name pretty much everything in her "regular" books, including the goofy stuff on the back like the UPC code and the names of the other books they show.  I'm amazed at how many letters, numbers, and objects she can recognize already and I know it's because of how much she reads.

I read with the girls every morning after breakfast and I love that special time with both of them in my lap.  This morning we read this:

I love Little Golden books and we have quite a collection going.  Some of them are my dad's from the early 40s, some are my brothers' from the 70s and we have a few new ones as well.  Those old illustrations are so fabulous!

I've seen other bloggers post about their vintage book thrift store scores and it makes me think I need to get thrifting, ASAP!  

A few of our vintage Little Golden favorites

Last Christmas, some of our friends blessed us with a book shower for the girls.  We ended up with a huge pile of Berenstain Bear books.  I love those!  I remember my younger brother reading them as a child and now the girls enjoy them too.  They are great stories with good life lessons for kids.  They have even come out with a "Living Lights" series which combines Christian values such as going to church, praying, and learning how God loves us with the familiar Bear family stories.  

Some of my old favorites are a little worse for wear, having been through four kids in my own family growing up, but we still treasure them.  They are wonderful learning tools for kids, even if they have a few extra illustrations in them!

Do your kids enjoy reading?  What are some of their favorites?  Even if they want to read the same book over and over, I hope you all can enjoy this special time with your kids on your lap, sharing a book.

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