Monday, February 13, 2012

PR&P Sew-Along Week 5 Signature Look: Tea for Two Dress & Ruffle Pants

Project Run & Play has come to an end for the official contestants!  What a great competition!  I saw so many amazing looks and I'm in awe of the sewing abilities these ladies have!  Wow!  For those of us entering outfits into the Sew-Along, we got an extra week to submit our looks and I'm so glad...I really needed the time!  For my Signature Look, here is the Tea for Two Dress and Ruffle Pants!

Anything labeled as my "Signature Look" is definitely going to involve ruffles!  I love them!  They are adorable and feminine and a quick fix for any problem!  Plain neckline?  Add ruffles!  Sleeves or pants too short?  Add ruffles!  Straight and boring hemline?  Add ruffles!  You get the idea :)  

This look is a combination of some of my very favorite things.  Ruffles (obviously), light blue and white, and vintage linens.  Vintage linens?  Oh yes, did I neglect to mention that this entire look is made from upcycled vintage linens?  From bedsheet to baby chic!  Too nerdy?  Okay, how about more photos!

The dress is essentially a peasant dress to which I added a collar.  There is a single ruffle on each sleeve, four tiers of ruffles on the skirt and an additional two tiers of ruffles on each pant leg! I think I ruffled around 85 feet of fabric to make this look.  Did I mention I love ruffles?

I struggled a bit with how to attach the collar, but I think it worked out well in the end.  It's a bit over the top, but the girls aren't quite two, so they can get away with that for awhile yet!

I think the blue and white combo is so soothing and delicate.  As I was envisioning the entire look, I just kept thinking of a fancy English tea, so the photo shoot concept came from that idea.  Something possessed me to let the girls handle my good china, but they were awesome and nothing was broken!

It's ruffle fever around here.

The girls love it...and each other!  I'm so blessed to have such sweet babies! 

I'm not going to lie - this outfit was a bear to make, but I love my girls, I love to sew, and I love making things for them that can go into that "heirloom" box.  Every girl should have one...and there should be a lot of ruffles in it :)  I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do!


  1. These are so cute Amanda! Your girls did very well too! My nearly two year old wouldn't cope as well I am sure!!!
    It is lovely to see little girls in blue for a change, it is so fresh isn't it?

  2. What sweetie pies!! They are so graceful holding real china and not even dropping it! I love their outfits - and the fact that you used vintage linens. Sooooo perfect!


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