Monday, February 6, 2012

Felted Wool Toddler Slippers

First off, I just want to say that this project makes me laugh - partly because these slippers are so hilariously cute, but also because this really verges on ridiculous.  

Toddler slippers?  What are the odds that they would stay on for more than 2 minutes?  See, my hubby is a slipper-wearer in the winter.  Every night after work, he puts on his slippers and the girls are totally fascinated.  They have started bringing his slippers over to "help" him put them on and they are always touching the slippers and now they've started saying "slipper" in that adorable, lispy, toddler-esque way.  I knew they would love a pair of their very own, but I definitely wasn't going to buy any!

I had a wool sweater from Old Navy that I think I have worn once in the last two or three years, so I decided it needed life as something else.  One day it just clicked - felted wool slippers for the girls!  So, into the hot water cycle it went (three times, no less...this was one stubborn sweater!) and it came out looking like this. 

If you've never felted wool, the process is fairly simple.  Basically, you take a 100% wool garment and wash it on hot until you can no longer see the individual knitted loops then toss it in the dryer.  There are several tutorials online if you just search for felting wool.  One tip I read was to put the sweater inside a pillowcase...definitely prudent advice!  The bottom of my pillowcase was filled with little balls of wool.  I was happy to not have to clean that out of my washer!  Once the wool was felted, I cut pattern pieces for the slippers using a basic baby Mary Jane shoes pattern I already have.  I cut the upper with a much smaller opening so the slippers would just stay on without any straps or fasteners.

I stitched the soles and uppers together right-sides facing then turned them right-sides out.  I put them on the girls and surprisingly enough, they fit just right!  Too cute!

The girls are absolutely thrilled and have been running around in them (and taking them on and off) ever since!  I guess they're comfy!

Now they can be just like Daddy.  Nothing makes them happier :)  I'm glad they are so easy to please at this age!!

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