Friday, January 27, 2012

A Corduroy Peasant Dress

I did some totally unnecessary, but super fun sewing for the girls.  Isn't the unnecessary sewing always the most fun?  I grabbed some pink corduroy from Joann's (I believe the color is called Sangria...oooh, LOL) and whipped up these sweet little peasant dresses!

Random story about how these dresses came about.  The city we live in is home to Vera Bradley.  If you aren't familiar with Vera Bradley, you can read more about them here.  They manufacture bags, purses, luggage, etc. in very recognizable feminine prints and they raise tons of money through various events to support breast cancer research.  Truly a great organization.  Anyway, they have a big outlet sale here once a year and one year my BFF picked up these pink floral corduroy PJ pants.  She decided they weren't very comfy, so she gave them to me because she knew I could find some use for the fabric!  The other day she was like "wouldn't the little back pockets on those pants be adorable on the front of a little corduroy dress for the girls?"  Umm, yes...yes they would!  So this dress was born.

I had to make two more pockets (pesky twins, LOL), but that wasn't too hard.  Luckily the waistband had some of the same bias binding as the back pockets, so I was able to take that off and use it on the pockets I made.  I also used the contrasting fabric from the bottom cuffs to make contrasting cuffs for the sleeves of this dress.  Love it!

So, while the girls really had no need for another winter dress, they got one anyway.  Hopefully it will still fit next fall/winter and I'll feel a little better about it.  Okay, I don't feel bad about it anyway :)  I have another project in the works using the rest of the corduroy from the pants which I will share soon!  Hope you all have a great weekend filled with unnecessary and fun sewing!

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