Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Scrappy Wreath Tutorial

I was planning on making my mom a cute little wreath for Christmas...and then I thought about how many wreaths and how much Christmas stuff she has and I started to change my mind!  Then I remembered that last year she was looking for something for the spring to hang on her door, so the wreath idea was reborn, just in different colors!  

Want to make a cute scrappy wreath of your own?  It's so easy!  Let's get started!

To make one wreath, you will need:

- A foam wreath form (available at any craft store...mine is 10")
- Lots of strips of scrap fabric
-Ribbon to hang (optional)

The first thing you need is a bunch of scrap fabric that you can cut into strips.  For my wreath, I cut my strips 11" long by 1" wide.  I just grabbed my rotary cutter and went to town!  I ended up using about 70 strips for this wreath.  You may need more or less depending on the size of your wreath.  You can customize this wreath for any season.  Reds, greens and whites would make an adorable Christmas wreath, or you could do varying shades of one color...the possibilities are endless!  I love the bright springy colors I chose here!  

Now start tying on your scraps!  Take your first color and tie it in a double knot around the wreath.  This is a great project to involve the kiddos, especially ones who are learning to tie knots!

For your next piece, I found it was easier to tie the single knot a couple inches away from the prior piece, then slide it into place and tie the double knot.  You can kind of stagger the knots so the pieces get as close as possible - you don't want white foam showing through!

Scrunch that piece up as close as you can to the first piece.

Now keep tying...and tying and tying and tying :)

There was nothing scientific about my pattern ( probably will hear that phrase a lot from me!).  I just eyeballed it and chose colors as I went along based on how it looked to me.  You can follow a specific order of colors or just randomize it...your choice!  When you are dong tying on all the scraps, you should have something like this!

You can hang the wreath however you like.  I took a long piece of grosgrain ribbon and slipped it in between a couple of my scraps.  I used a straight pin to hold the ribbon to the wreath (just insert it near the back of the inside of the circle so no one sees the head of your pin).  Then tie a simple bow at the top.  You could also make a small ribbon loop on the back and hold it in place with a pin if you don't need a long hanging ribbon.

So cute, right?  I actually think the back looks adorable as well!

I hope my mom likes it.  If she doesn't, I will keep it, haha!  Hope you make one for someone special in your life!  Happy crafting!

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