Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Glass Bead Magnet Tutorial

Here we go with the last tutorial of this year's Handmade Christmas series!  I hope you've enjoyed these simple gifts that you can make for your family and friends.  This last one is quick and easy and appropriate for a wide range of giftees, so let's get started!

We will be making these cute magnets from glass beads!

To make them, you will need:

-Assorted scrapbook paper
-Mod Podge (I made my own, so you get to see my awesome glass jar, haha)
-A brush to apply the mod podge (I use a kids paintbrush, but those cheap foam brushes from the craft store or Walmart work great too!)
-STRONG magnets...don't get the cheap ones.  You need ones marked "extra strong" or something like that
-Glass craft beads...the kind you fill the bottom of a vase with.  You can find them at any craft store.  Make sure they have a flat bottom side, you don't want the round marble kind!
-Strong glue to adhere the magnets (I used hot glue, but E-6000 would be great)

First you will want to cut your paper to fit your glass beads.  I find it easiest to position a bead directly over your paper.  That way you can see what design will show through.  Then simply trace around the perimeter.  It's best to put the tip of your pencil just under the lip of the bead to make sure your paper doesn't come out larger than your bead!

Cut out your paper!  You can use so many cute designs.  I'm making these for my brother.  He loves green and his name is Dave, so I used a green "D" and some other green papers.

Next you want to apply a GENEROUS layer of Mod Podge to the back of your glass bead (the flat side).  

Now take your cut out paper and apply it face down into the Mod Podge (you want your design to stick to the flat side so you can see it through the front!)

You can apply more Mod Podge over the back of your paper if you want.  Just allow it to fully dry before trying to glue on the magnet.  Once it has dried, take one of your magnets and glue it into the center of your paper.

That's it!  Now make a bunch and you have super cute handmade magnets to hang up your children's masterpieces, the local take-out menus, fun family much better than the 12 year old pizza delivery place magnet, right?

Ooh, next I want to take my cookie sheet and cover it in cute scrapbook paper to make a fun magnetic board like I saw on Pinterest!  One project at a time, though...Christmas is coming too fast!  I may be taking a short blog break to enjoy the holidays with my family, although I'd like to try and post some of my handmade gifts.  We'll see!  It's going to be a busy week!  I hope you get all your gifts done in time...and if you are already done, stop looking so smug!!  :) 

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