Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Dresses!

During one of my thrifting trips this summer, I found these amazing vintage pillowcases in a cranberry stripe with an off-white background.  Even though it was August, I knew immediately that they would somehow turn into the girls' Christmas dresses!  I was so excited, I actually made the dresses in late August!  I held of hemming until now, since these two seem to grow about an inch a week, but finally they are done and ready for Christmas!!

The girls are so cute, I am so tempted to break my self-imposed rule about not putting their faces on the blog, but I'm staying strong, LOL.  The blog is about sewing anyway, not how cute my kids are, right??  :)  Anyway, about the dresses...I'm pleased to say the dress is completely my design and I am very happy with how they turned out!  

The pillowcase was originally striped horizontally, so I cut it on the bias to get a diagonal stripe for the skirt.  The bias cut gives the skirt such a nice drape and swing when the girls walk.

I somehow managed not to take any pictures of the back, but it buttons up the back of the bodice.  The front has a faux placket with matching buttons that are just the next size down from the closure buttons.

I love the little details like the rolled hem on the gathered placket, the ruffle around the bottom of the bodice, and the gathered sleeves.  The top of the sleeves are gathered, plus I sewed elastic just above the elbows.  I placed it in the sleeve, pulled it as tight as I could and stitched it down, just around the outside.  It makes the bottom of the sleeves bell out and I think it's so adorable with their tiny little wrists sticking out :)

Now I just need to get the Christmas cards printed!  And apparently iron the dresses, based on the pic above, haha.  I hope everyone's getting as excited as we are! 


  1. What cute dresses, Amanda!! I love the diagonal stripe you created. Awesome vintage find.

  2. I love the ruffle button details on the front...and the bias is SO cute. DArling dresses!


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