Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Dresses - Part 2

Simply because we don't have enough to do around Christmas, I decided to make another set of Christmas dresses for the girls!  Honestly, when I looked at all the things we have going on this month, it really made sense for them to have another holiday dress...maybe one that isn't quite as dressy as the first one.

I had ordered some of this gorgeous fabric for a dress I was making for a client - it's from the Kumari Garden Holiday line by Dena Fishbein for Free Spirit Fabrics.  Seriously, it's so pretty online and even better in person!  I'm pretty sure the day it came in the mail, I told my BFF that I was going to marry it.  She was like "soooo, the hubs is out and the fabric is in?"  Awkward.  But seriously, it's beautiful.  I knew when I got it that I would be making something for the girls too!  I went with a simple pillowcase style dress.  Easy for them to wear, but cute at the same time.

Why is it that when you ask a 21 month old child to stand still, they either promptly run away or lean up against the door like they're getting a mug shot taken?

Like I said...running away (and always in 2 different directions)...

Or looking for food...

And finding food...

Crazy girls!  In their defense, this was right after church and they were ready for lunch.

I had to make them matching hair clips, of course!

So now we have another pretty dress to get us through all the hustle and bustle of the holidays!  I made it pretty large, so hopefully they can get at least one more Christmas season of wear out of it.  I also love the fact that this fabric isn't so "Christmasy" that they couldn't wear this dress in the spring.  Yay for longer use!  

I hope everyone's holiday preparations are going well!  I should have another Handmade Christmas tutorial up for you this week and then next week I'll round up all the gifts I have made for my family and friends!  Until then, enjoy your holiday projects!

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