Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Snowman Ornament Tutorial

I promised tutorials for a handmade Christmas and here is the first one!  Today we'll be making these adorable snowman ornaments!  

They are super easy and you can get the kids involved!  These make a great gift for grandparents, especially with the handmade touches brought by the littles in your family.  Or keep them and decorate your own tree! 

To make a snowman ornament, you will need:

Wood craft circles (available at any craft store)
Craft wire (Also available at the craft store.  You can get it on a spool or in a package.  Mine is 26 gauge)
Assorted buttons (at least 3 for each snowman)
Hot glue gun
White paint (I used the cheapy kids stuff)
Small paintbrush (Again, I used the cheapy kids one :))
Black permanent marker and/or other embellishments

You can ignore the hammer and nail in this photo.  Inspiration struck while I was working and I changed horses mid-stream.

Okay, let's get working.  First, lay out 3 circles on your work surface.  I like to use a big, medium and small circle for each snowman, but you can choose the sizes you like!  Find something to protect your work surface (oh look, a political ad!  Perfect!).  Put some paint in a little container (I chopped off the bottom of a foam cup) and paint the front surface of your circles.  You can choose to paint the front and back or just the front.  I did the front and the side edge of the circles, but left the back plain.  This is a great time to get the kids involved and let them do the painting!

Let the paint dry thoroughly.  Once Santa's little helpers are down for a nap or at school, get your hot glue gun heated up.  Place a small bead of hot glue on the top front of your largest circle.  

Place the bottom of the medium sized circle onto the hot glue, attaching the two circles together.

Repeat with the next circle, placing glue on the top front of the medium circle, then placing the bottom of the smallest circle onto the middle one.

Next, take your buttons and decide where you want them.  Place a small bead of hot glue onto the back of each button and glue into place.  You can see I really took the time to line mine up here, LOL.

And then make faces!  Here's another chance to get the kids involved!  You can be as creative as you want!  I just used a black Sharpie to make these.

Now we need a way to hang our snowmen!  Take your craft wire and cut a piece long enough to make it roughly to the middle of your snowman and still hang over a tree branch.  Also grab a with just two holes works best here, but whatever you have on hand will do.

Thread the wire front to back through the button holes and twist the end to secure.

Fold the wire up to keep any sharp ends trapped behind the button.

Place a bead of hot glue on the back of the button, right over the wire, and stick it to the back of your snowman, somewhere near the middle.

And there you have it!  A super adorable snowman ornament ready for the holidays!

Now go hang them up!'s November 2 and our Christmas tree will not be up for at least a month, so I had to improvise.  If it snows, this is not my fault :)

I hope you will make some of these fun and easy ornaments for you and your loved ones!  The possibilities are rather endless here!  Let the kids pick the button colors.  Add a scarf or a hat made from fabric scraps.  Make a whole snowman family that represents the members of your family!  Let the kids gather twigs and glue them on for arms.  Cut the end off one of those orange colored toothpicks and glue it on for a "carrot" nose.  Let the kids draw the faces on the snowmen.  There are tons of fun ways to make this ornament your very own.  Have fun creating!

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