Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Poufy Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

Let's keep going with our handmade Christmas!  This sweet little clip is a great stocking stuffer for the little girls in your life...or for the not-so-little girls! 

It only takes a few things to make and is super easy!  See how to make them after the jump!

To make these clips, you will need:

Craft felt
Knit fabric in any color you like!
3/8" grosgrain ribbon
Metal alligator clips (you can get a box of 100 of these for about $5 at Sally Beauty Supply and other similar places)
Hot glue gun

Let's start by cutting our fabric.  For the knit "petals," cut 6 circles, about 2" in diameter.  You can be creative with your circle template.  I used the top of a spice jar, LOL.  From the felt, cut 1 circle about 1" in diameter.  A quarter works well for that.  The circles don't have to be perfect, but try to keep them the same size

Now take each of your knit petals and fold them in half and then in half again so have a triangle looking thingy.  That is the technical term, by the way.

If you are making more than one clip, I would suggest doing all the folding at once.  Continue folding ad infinitum, especially if you are making clips for your whole MOPS discussion group, until you wonder why on earth you volunteered to do this :)

Alright, the petals are ready, so now let's prep the alligator clips.  First, get your hot glue gun heating up.  Then take one metal clip and your grosgrain ribbon and cut a piece about 7" long.

Run a bead of hot glue from one end of your ribbon, about 1.5" long.  

Squeeze the clip open, and press the glue covered ribbon onto the inside top of the clip.  In case you aren't sure, the top is the part where the piece you squeeze sticks up instead of going out straight from the clip.  The picture probably makes more sense.

Continue running a bead of hot glue down your ribbon, next folding the ribbon over the outside top of the clip.  When you get to the part you squeeze to open it, use your finger to press the ribbon inside the cavity so it fully covers the metal, but you can still easily squeeze it open.

To cover the bottom, make sure you squeeze the clip open before you glue it down because you'll notice there is a cut-out in the bottom of the clip.  You don't want to press the hot glue into the clip and glue the whole thing together!  So squeeze it open as in the picture above and glue the outside bottom down, then finish gluing and fold the ribbon to the inside to finish it off.

 Yay!  One fully lined alligator clip!  So easy, it makes you wonder what you're paying for in the store, right?

Now, back to our flowers.  Take your small felt circle and completely cover it with hot glue.  Immediately take four of your petals and press them onto the circle with the points together in the center.

Quickly, before the hot glue starts to set, take your fingers and press them into the centers of the petals to pouf them up.

Now put a pea sized bead of hot glue into the center of the flower, right where the four points of your lower petals meet.  I'm generous with the hot glue here.  Press your two remaining petals, point side down, into that glue.  Press them in there well, letting the hot glue seep into the fabric. 

Once again, before the hot glue starts to set, push the petals around until you like how it looks.  There is no right or wrong way.  You're creating one of a kind art here!  I like to squeeze the whole flower together and then let it go so it pushes all the petals together.  You might have to add a dab of glue here or there to get a petal to stick where you want it.  That's fine!

There you have it!  One poufy knit flower!

Now we just need to attach it to our clip.  Take one of the clips you prepared earlier and run a little bead of hot glue on the top.

Press the felt circle into the hot glue until the flower is firmly attached to the clip.

Now sit back and admire your work!  So cute, right?

You could make these in any color...even use different colors for each petal!  They are so cute as hair clips, but you could skip the alligator clip part and just use a safety pin to attach them to your purse, the top of a t-shirt, a buttonhole of a jacket...really anywhere that needs a fun little embellishment!

They look like little cupcakes :)

Now go make one!  Or a bunch!  Enjoy creating!

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