Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raspberry Fluff Skirt

Do you pick fabric with a specific project in mind or does fabric call your name although you have no idea what you're going to make with it?  I think I fit both descriptions at times, which probably leads me to have way more fabric than one person needs :)  This skirt was definitely inspired by the fabric.  I was browsing through JoAnn's one day and boy did it ever call my name!  So girly!  So covered in pre-sewn ric rac and ribbon!  I was in love! 

I saw a fun tutorial for a twirly skirt at All About Mommies and I followed her basic tutorial for the main skirt.  You can find that tutorial here.  I had to adjust the dimensions a bit to fit my girlies, but the basic tute will yield one cute skirt!  The fabric I had was a bit sheer, though, so I wanted to line it.  What goes better with a super girly fabric than some beautiful eyelet lace?  I bought some eyelet trim and stitched it to some plain white broadcloth.  I then stitched the lining to the main skirt piece, flipped it inside out, and there ya go!  One fluffy, girly, twirly skirt!  Or two, in my case :)

My petite princesses love them and so do I!  Now go make a twirly skirt for your cutie pie!

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