Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC Day 1: Lovebird Tunic (finished!)

I ended up finishing the tunics while the girls were playing nicely together (ahhhhhh...).  There is still a bit of hand tacking I'd like to do, just for that touch of niceness, but they are complete and wearable. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I used the Lovebird tunic tutorial generously given by the super talented Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional.  This was a simple tunic to make, especially if you already have a basic bodice pattern drafted in your child's size.  I made it using a vintage sheet as my fabric!  I love using vintage sheets.  Have I mentioned that?  I'm sure I have (in about every post...).  The front of the tunic has a fun inverted pleat detail and the neck is finished with handmade bias tape.

The back has what Jess calls the "easy peasy" button closure.  She's totally right.  It's easy.  And it's peasy.  I don't really mind doing buttonholes, but this is so fast, I love it!

 Getting a pic of two 18 month old girls next to each other is nearly impossible, and this is mostly what I get...bye kiddo!

The original tunic in Jess' tutorial had some pretty lace trim near the shoulders and at the hemline of the sleeves, but I opted not to add any trim for two reasons.  First, I didn't have anything on hand that even remotely matched!  Secondly, I liked the fabric well enough without any trim.  Plus the top edge of the sheet, which is the bottom band of the tunic, had some piping on it and I was fine with that.  Overall, I love the way it turned out!  They're a little big, but I'm really hoping they'll fit next spring.  I think the girls like them too!

Tomorrow I hope to cut fabric for a knit dress with a ruffled skirt and maybe start assembling it.  Have fun working on your projects!


  1. These tunics are so cute...and your little girls are too! Hope the rest of your week turns out just as productive :)

  2. they're perfect! I don't think they needed any trims, the piping is a great touch. They are so cute!


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