Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jacket Refashion!

I bought this jacket a few years ago at Eddie Bauer.  

It's a nice jacket and I liked it when I bought it.  Over the years, though, there are some things about it that I've come to dislike.  It's gotten to the point where I honestly don't wear it much anymore.  I like the water resistant fabric and it has these cute slant pockets.  

Okay, great pro list...haha.  As for the cons...first of all, the color is not my favorite.  I like beige.  I'm pro beige.  However, I always felt like this jacket just didn't look quite right when I wore it.  It looks terrible over black pants on the way to church, worse over khaki, and even with jeans it just never felt right.  Also, it doesn't have much shape.  It's pretty much straight down the back, sides and front.  So, I decided to do some refashioning to see if I could make it better.  Enter our good friend, Rit Dye :)

I often feel like dyeing fabric can be a bit of a crap shoot (just ask the Project Runway contestants), so I wasn't sure exactly what color this jacket would end up.  I was assuming it would be in the blue family, since the dye I had was "Denim Blue."  I had originally bought the dye to dye a pair of denim capris that were too light, but I've never gotten around to it.  Once I finished dyeing the jacket and pulled it out of the was lavender!  Not exactly what I expected, but honestly, I really like it!  Here is the final product!

After dyeing it, I knew I had to try to fix the shape.  The first thing I did was to add a couple of darts in the back to bring it in a bit.  Sorry, this isn't the greatest pic, but you get the idea.

Then I made a quick belt/sash by folding a long strip of fabric right sides together, stitching it up the side and then turning it right side out.  I made two belt loops the same way, then serged the ends of the belt loops and stitched them on.

Finally, just to give it a little extra flair, I made a quick flower clip and just safety pinned it on, in case I want to change it or to keep it nice when I wash the jacket.

So here I am in my "new" jacket!  Again, terrible pic, sorry.  Yes, that's my bathroom and yes, I'm wearing sweats, LOL.

What's old in your closet that you can make new again?

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